How To Find The BPM Of A Track In Reaper

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? If you import a track into Reaper and you want to chop it up or edit it in any way, you need to match the BPM in order for your edits to sound perfect ?

  • Select your waveform, go to the start of the track and hit tab. Reaper should find the first transient/beat in your track.
  • Hit S to split the track at that point ✂
  • Delete everything to the left of your split and slide your track all the way to beat zero.
  • Go to Project Settings and change the timebase for items/envelopes/markers to Time.
  • Scroll your mouse wheel over the bpm setting until everything matches up and is in line with the track. You might have to use decimal points if everything doesn’t line up correctly.

Now that everything is lined up, you can edit your imported track knowing that you’ll be cutting on the beat every time.

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